Hardball Academy offers a wide range of personal and group strength and conditioning classes.  Classes focus on functional strength for baseball and softball players.  We feel that players need an unique program that will train them to the requirements of their particular sport.  Our strength and conditioning coaches are certified and have experience with baseball/softball training techniques.  As well, our coaches have conducted training with many athletes of various sports.  Some of these sports include:  football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, and more.  Instructors have designed a program that includes various training methods and a variety of training techniques that include:  polymetric, olympic lifting, and ballistic training.

  • Improve overall functional strength
  • improve strength to create consistent biomechanical movements
  • improve explosiveness and power
  • improve core strength
  • improve flexibility
  • decrease the chances of injury
  • 3 things that we see with athletes

             strength levels are low + mechanics need improvement + workloads are high= injury

Individual session
                                                   6 weeks                 8 weeks                   12 weeks
2x per week                              $110 per week       $100 per week   $90 per week
3 x per week                             $150 per week       $135 per week   $ 120 per week

*follow reschedule policies for lessons
Class Sessions
Groups of 4 students that are close in age a skill level for a 1 hour session
2 x per week                            $45 per week
3 x per week                            $55 per week

*There are no reschedules on class sessions

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