Parents and Players should read the player/parent code of conduct.  Please fill the form out below and click submit.

  • All Players are expected to attend all games, practices, and other scheduled events on a weekly basis.  If a player is going to miss an event then they should give prior written notice to the coach or GM of the team (e-mail)
  • All players should be on time and dressed appropriately for all events
  • Players are expected  to put the team before themselves
  • Players are expected to show a consistent effort to improve their skills and knowledge of baseball
  • Players should treat other players, coaches, umpires, and all adults with respect


  • Parents are expected to act in a reasonable manner when discussing issues with the coach.  Coaches should be available to have a meeting or have a phone conversation to discuss issues concerning players.
  • Parents are expected to be supportive of the coaching staff and other players on the team
  • Parents are expected to make sure that their son makes all scheduled events
  • Parents are expected to make a commitment to the team and the coaching staff
  • Parents are expected to put an emphasis on team and not just their individual son
  • Parents are expected to read and understand team goals

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