Parent Agreement Form


  • All Players are expected to attend all games, practices, and other scheduled events on a weekly basis.  If a player is going to miss an event then they should give prior written notice to the coach or GM of the team (e-mail)
  • All players should be on time and dressed appropriately for all events
  • Players are expected  to put the team before themselves
  • Players are expected to show a consistent effort to improve their skills and knowledge of baseball
  • Players should treat other players, coaches, umpires, and all adults with respect


  • Parents are expected to act in a reasonable manner when discussing issues with the coach.  Coaches should be available to have a meeting or have a phone conversation to discuss issues concerning players.
  • Parents are expected to be supportive of the coaching staff and other players on the team
  • Parents are expected to make sure that their son makes all scheduled events
  • Parents are expected to make a commitment to the team and the coaching staff
  • Parents are expected to put an emphasis on team and not just their individual son
  • Parents are expected to read and understand team goals

Player Contract

I understand that Hardball Elite has made a commitment to my son and in return we will commit to the team for the entire season.  I understand that other team members are counting on me to fulfill my obligation for the entire season. I understand that the team has financial obligations to uphold and my leaving the team would have negative consequences on the coaching staff and team. I understand that I am responsible for all team dues for the entire season. Dues are broken up monthly to defer such a large up front cost.

By signing this contract I am obligating myself to complete the upcoming season with Hardball.  If I decide to leave the team for any reason, I will be held responsible to pay the remaining dues for the season. Likewise, there are absolutely no refunds on registrations.  In addition I understand that failing to uphold this commitment will result in Hardball Academy taking any legal action necessary to collect remaining dues. Players will not be allowed to participate in training sessions and games if their account is not up to date. This contract will renew automatically upon payment of registration fees for the next season. Note: High School Season is Summer and Fall. Payments are due the 1st day of the month. If payment is not made by the 1st day of the month there will be a $25 late charge. Late charges will continue each month until the balance is paid.


Team Commitments & Absence Policy

Hardball Academy’s teams desire to be a competitive and organized program.  Players are expected to attend all games and practices as a team.  We realize that many players are involved in a variety of activities.  However, we cannot make exceptions for outside conflicts.  We expect top priority and 100% commitment and attendance.  Our goal is to put a competitive team on the field that will compete in all games! It is a necessity that all players attend practice and games. Likewise, we highly encourage all players attend their weekly training sessions.

Practices and Absence Policy:

1. All teams will have a fall/spring and summer/fall practice schedule.  During the school year we may have weekly voluntary training sessions.  These are not mandatory but players are highly encouraged to attend. Extra field practices can be called on an as need basis.

2. The only excused absence is a school function that results in a grade.  All others absences are unexcused.  Part-time jobs, dances, concerts, family reunions, weddings, recitals, school/church social, vacations, and any other non related school activities will be unexcused.  Students may be asked to show documentation from a teacher.  If a player is sick/injured the player will attend practice/game but will not be expected to participate.  If too ill to participate the player needs to bring doctors note to excuse the absence.

3. Players can submit Conflict Dates to the head coach BEFORE the season starts.  We need 2 weeks written notice if a player will miss. You must submit the absence request form.  See website to download form. Forms can be scanned and e-mailed to head coach/GM or Coach Cathcart or left in the drop box at Pearland or League City facility. All requests for absences will be approved or denied by head coach/GM or coach Cathcart.

4. (2) unexcused absences could result in removal from the team without a return of fees. Any unexcused absence could possibly cause a player to miss playing time/entire tournament. This will be left to the discretion of the head coach.

5. Each Team may have a slightly different policy.  It is up to you to make sure that you understand that policy. Failure to follow the policy can reduce playing time or removal from the team without refund.