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Hardball Academy Middle Infield Camp- summer 2018
When:  2:00-3:00pm  
Where: Hardball Academy in Pearland
Ages:  12-18
Starting:  Every Monday/Wed  (Starting June 4th) 
Cost: $300
Only 12 spots open
Fundamental Focus areas:
–          Proper footwork
–          Correct hand placement and timing; charging, backhand, glove side, and off side
–          Agility in all directions
–          The bare hand play and setting the body for the throw
–          Bag work, receiving the ball, avoiding the baserunner
–         slow rollers
–         proper angles
–         Holding runners
Strength Focus areas:
–          Legs
–          Core
–          Back

Please Click SUBMIT below to SUBMIT REGISTRATION and you will then be provided a confirmation page and a link to PAY ONLINE (you can also go to online store to pay for camp) *****remember registrations will not be accepted unless payment is made. If you wish to pay in person or mail in check/money order please notify us by e-mail at info@hardballacademy.com We will hold your registration for up to 3 days or 2 days from the start of the camp, whichever comes first. NO REGISTRATIONS the day of the camp. NO REFUNDS within 7 days of the beginning of the camp. Due to poor weather camp could be moved indoors or conducted on an alternate day.

Click Here to PAY ONLINE

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