Instructors for Hardball Academy have been selected for their intensive backgrounds in baseball and softball.  Each instructor has been chosen because of their educational backgrounds, coaching, playing, and teaching experience.  Instructors specialize in sports psychology, motor learning, biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy, kinetics, and other areas that are necessary for teaching baseball/softball effectively.

In addition, all instructors have undergone hours of classroom and field training through HardballAcademy .  All of our instructors have college or professional playing experience.  Most of the instructors have been involved with coaching at the amature, high school, and college levels.  We recognize that playing a game well and teaching how to play it are too very different things.  That is why we have developed a specialized training curriculum that is designed just for teaching baseball and softball.  Instructors have learned how to incorporate auditory, visual, kinesthetic modes of learning, and other teaching principals during their instruction.   As well, instructors have knowledge and receive ongoing training in human anatomy, kinesiology, vision training, motor learning, sports psychology, the latest training techniques, and drills developed for baseball and softball.  Instructors have reviewed hours of video, participated in a number lesson with advanced instructors,  and attended staff meetings where new drills and individual case studies are reviewed before working with players. Instructors are required to attend lectures, classes, seminars, and coaching clinics on a regular basis through out the year. 

Our ACE model is something that all of our teachers, coaches, and instructors strive to provide in each of our instructional sessions

 ACE: Appearance – Communication skills – Enthusiasm

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Richie Beard-Curriculum & Program Director/Advanced Pitching        8328758157

Josh Cathcart- Advanced Hitting/Team Coordinator

Jim Bolt       7133028659

Richard Johnson    2817287994

Cameron Johnson-

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