COVID-19 Statement

It is our hope our families are enjoying the last few days of spring break. We recognize the Coronavirus outbreak has many of our families and staff members asking about upcoming training. There are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the immediate area. We realize that can change, and are keeping a close watch on the situation. We are following all CDC recommendations at this time and will continue to do so. Our facilities will go through some initial deep cleanings and we have also added more weekly cleanings to our facilities. At this time we want to remain calm but also take some sensible precautions. Below are a list of recommendations that we will follow for our facilities and in our daily routines for the short-term future:


-Limit the number of individuals in the facility at any one time. Please keep all siblings and any unnecessary individuals out of the facility

-We will expand our hours of operation and have less individuals in the facilities at any one given time

-Our cancellation policy will be changed to 6 hours notice for the time being and we will take each cancellation on a case by case basis

-All individuals coming into the facility are encouraged to wash hands before and after training