Upcoming Camps & Classes

Intermediate to advanced level camp (not for beginners) which will be half infield fundamentals and half hitting fundamentals. Instructed by our Softball Coach Jessica Bowden and Advanced Hitting Coach Josh Cathcart

This is a one day class that will be from 9AM-12PM on the 2nd Saturday in February – May 2021. The camp is designed for Advanced AAA/Major Level players who are looking to improve their mechanical and mental approach to hitting and fielding at a high level!


This class is every Tuesday & Thursday starting on July 6th and will work on the fundamentals needed to be an advanced infielder and the strength training skills to help a young players develop the athleticism needed to excel. Focus Areas Include: Proper Footwork, Hand Placement, Base Work, Proper Angles, Holding Runners

This small group camp is designed to improve players hitting and fielding. Players will receive detailed information on advanced mechanical concepts, mental/emotional approaches, and learn how to make an individual practice plan that will help them continue to excel in these areas.

This is a monthly class on the last Saturday of every month that is designed to help Catcher’s take their game to the next level in their development as high level players. It will teach them how to receive, block, throw effectively and manage a game as a field general!

Goals: To expose high school players to college coaches and to help them get signed to play at the next level. Players will be graded on arm strength, bat speed/hitting ability, foot speed, defensive play, athleticism, and more. This camp will include specific information from various college coaches on the process that players should follow to help get them signed.