10 Week Velocity Enhancement Pitching Camp-summer 2016

10 Week Velocity Enhancement Pitching Camp 

 Summer 2016

When: Starts June 7th (every Tue and Thur)

Time: 10:30-12:00

Where: Hardball Academy Pearland

Ages: High School and College Players

Cost:  Camp: $260 deposit and (2) payments of $250 or payment in full ($720)

Classes ($300 per month)

This Camp is designed for incoming and current high school players and college players.  The main focus of this camp is to build velocity through enhancing movement patterns (learning how to use your body more efficiently) and through using proven training techniques.  Players will refine individual pitching mechanics to develop maximum velocity and control. Pitchers will learn through specialty drills and sport specific strength training how to:  Use their bodies to create force, momentum, leverage, sequencing, synchronization, and explosiveness.  These methods are backed by current research studies (kinetic & kinematic analysis) and updated training methods.  Pitchers will use high-speed video analysis to evaluate mechanics.  As well, all pitchers will be taught a  proven arm care program that aids in preventing injuries, and improves arm strength, range of motion, and endurance.  All positions wishing to increase “arm strength” are welcome to attend.

This 15 year program has seen over 200 pitchers increase their velocities by an average of 5.5 mph.  Some pitchers have seen gains up to 9-12 mph while also improving control, endurance, flexibility, athleticism, range of motion, functional strength, and reducing the risk of injuries! We have had 37 pitchers touch 90 mph in the last 5 years.

3D Kinetic Video Analysis will be offered at this camp. Click on the link to see an example of the analysis.

Click Here to PAY ONLINE or go to the online store link on the home page and click on the camp link to pay online

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