Upcoming Baseball Camps

It will be that time before you know it. We have a wide variety of camps coming up this winter designed to get players ready for the upcoming spring season. For more information or to register click the link below. If you would like to get updated information on camps go to our homepage www.hardballacademy.com and sign up via e-mail, twitter, or facebook to get updated information.

6 Week High School Spring Training Camp– For Freshmen though Seniors
only 5 spots remaining……Starts in December
6 Week Spring Training Camp-Intermediate- For ages 11-13   15 spots open……..Starts in December
6 Week Basis skills Camp for ages 7-12       12 spots……..starts in December
Preseason Pitching/Hitting Seminar Seminar for coaches, players, and parents
Preseason Pitching Bootcamp– High School/Intermediate sessions….November through January. This camp is for those that have been in lessons or VE camp only. 1 class full………. 6 Spots open in class number 2
Recruiting Seminar- “Do’s and don’ts” for High School Players looking to play college baseball…..we will have college coaches in attendance as well. Jan 18th
Thanksgiving Camp 2 day camp the week of Thanksgiving Ages 7-13
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