3D Kinetic Analysis-The most advanced training tool around

Our promise is to offer the most advanced training possible. In order to do this we need to be able to precisely measure an athletes performance. Here is the new motion analysis system that we are implementing at the end of this month.  Every olympic athlete and many other world-class athletes use this tool to advance them to a higher level and avoid injuries.  Traditionally this type of system is only available to those athletes.  Now we have the ability to do this at our training facility at a low cost.  Below is an example of two of our college players and what the analysis looks like.   Trying to reduce stress on the arm and reduce the number of arm injuries (and maximize ability) are our main goal with pitching. We can also evaluate swing analysis to see exactly where a player is deficient.  We are partnering with Zeno link and Chris Welch.  Chris is a sports engineer that works with Olympic athletes and other world-class athletes.  We will be the only private facility in the state that will offer this type of training tool. 
 This analysis will give us feedback that video cant.  I realize that some of the info is complex;  However, we can help explain in detail. This will tell us exactly where breakdowns are happening and it takes the guess-work out of diagnosing inefficiencies. One of the other great thing is that the analysis will create a PST (progressive skills training). This will give the athlete drills and sport specific training for problem areas.
 Will Hibbs- 3D kinetic motion analysis pitching
 Josh Stokeman- 3D kinetic motion analysis hitting
For baseball & softball, ZenoLink can improve more than your swing.
ZenoLink uses 3D motion analysis to gather research-level information about an individual’s throwing and batting motions simply by videotaping that player in action. ZenoLink’s proprietary software breaks down the video and produces a performance profile, which measures how effectively the player utilizes peak speed output – his/her power potential – at the points of release (throwing) and impact (batting). By measuring hip speed, arm speed, shoulder speed, bat release speed and bat linear speed, ZenoLink creates separate analyses of kinetic linking, stability, muscular loading and bat dynamics. These are used to identify functional movement discrepancies that rob the player of power, and to design a personalized Progressive Skills Training program that addresses those problem areas.
Yes, it’s deep. But once you see a ZenoLink analysis, it all makes sense. ZenoLink is a cutting-edge component to the holistic approach to baseball performance, enabling coaches to more effectively teach throwing and batting mechanics, and adding sport-specific Progressive Skills Training to the player’s fitness regimen.

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