Preseason Pitching Bootcamp 2019

High School Players & Intermediate



When:   September 4th – January 29th
Time:  Intermediate Session 1: 5:30 (Monday/Wednesday) Jr High players only

             High School Session 2: 6:30-7:30 (Monday/Wednesday)

             High School Session 3: 7:30-8:30 (Monday/Wednesday)

             High School Session 4: 6 30-7:30 (Tuesday/Thursday)

Where: Hardball Academy-Friendswood/Pearland Facility
Ages: High School Players Only (Fr-Sr)/ Jr High age- Intermediate
Cost: $350 Deposit and $350/ month (oct, nov, dec, jan)

Limit: 12 players

This Camp is designed to prepare pitchers for the upcoming season. The Camp is broken into 3 Phases: Phase 1: Strength, flexibility, explosiveness, athleticism,  arm care, and mechanical efficiency Phase 2: Velocity Enhancement Phase 3: Pitching Specific

Phase 1:

  • Pitchers will develop strength, flexibility, explosiveness, and athleticism to aide in their mechanical efficiency, promote better performance, and reduce injury
  • Pitchers will use video analysis to help correct mechanical inefficiencies
  • Pitchers will use pitching specific exercises to develop functional strength and work on mechanical efficiency.

Phase 2:

  • Pitcher will use proven methods to help increase velocity
  • A specific overload/under load protocol will be developed for pitchers
  • Pitchers will be tested and measured on a regular basis to see improvements

Phase 3:

  • Pitchers will work on determining their strengths and weakness off the mound (how they best get hitters out)
  • How to use effective, perceptual, and actual velocity
  • How to use pressure, freeze, and purpose pitches
  • Develop a pre-pitch routine
  • Develop mental/emotional strategies
  • How to make in game adjustments
  • create different angles off the mound
  • How to change speed on all pitches
  • How to use off speed pitches effectively
  • Charted bullpens that measures location, velocity, movement, and strike percentage
  • and much more!

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